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Ken Garst

I have attached a photo of the “Rattlesnake Canyon and Santa Fe”.  The layout is two years in the making so far, loosely based on several scenic areas out West including Colorado, Tehachapi and the Canyon Lake/Superstition area east of Phoenix.  Initial base scenery is in place in the Rattlesnake Canyon area, with initial scenery continuing in the “Loop” area in the middle of the layout – a loose representation of Tehachapi, and then lastly an area that represents a Colorado river canyon – which will be a snow scene.  And we pack all of this in a 12’ x 5’ moveable layout!  The entire layout cabinet is on wheels, and moves; underneath the layout in this photo is a pool table!  But in less than two minutes, the entire layout cabinet is easily rolled out of the way, so the pool table can be utilized.
The layout has a complete working signal system, one operating grade crossing with moving gates so far – a second set will be installed later this year; dispatchers panel (actually located in a drawer that easily slides back into the cabinet for storage purposes!); and another drawer that stores all of the jewel cases for whatever rolling stock is on the layout at that time.  Kato track was used throughout – many customized pieces to make it work.  Used the Kato kits from Japan with the wider radius concrete tie, super elevated double track, as I felt the radii used and readily available here in the US was too tight for my liking (MR’s Salt River Layout).
Much work to complete yet!  Ballasting, additional scenery layers, plantings and details in Rattlesnake Canyon, finish the base plastering in Tehachapi and the Colorado Canyon area, and then on with scenery layers, plantings, details and animation!  One building will have a working elevator on the outside of it (as I have worked in the elevator industry for over 30 years – seems appropriate!), and the church will have the majestic sounds of a Pipe Organ (also appropriate, as I am a Church Organist and also restoring a pipe organ for home!).
Ken Garst

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