These SD40-2 locomotives will be manufactured with finely molded parts that have been designed to reproduce railroad specific details. All Locomotives are factory equipped with an ESU sound decoder or ESU non-sound decoder. DC also available.

Item Number 69383(D)(S) – Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern
Item Number 69384(D)(S) – Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern
Item Number 69385(D)(S) – Union Pacific – Missouri Pacific Lettered
Item Number 69386(D)(S) – CP Rail System
Item Number 69387(D)(S) – FURX ex-BN Patch
Item Number 69388(D)(S) – Norfolk Southern – High Hood
Item Number 69389(D)(S) – Milwaukee Road
Item Number 69390(D)(S) – Marquette Rail
Item Number 69391(D)(S) – G&W Marquette Rail
Item Number 69392(D)(S) – G&W: Alabama & Gulf Coast

DC: $139.95
DCC: $189.95 (D)
DCC & Sound

Orders Due By May 30, 2017

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