Kato USA is excited to announce that we’re trying something totally new; partnered with Micro-Trains, Kato USA will be making available a new bundle set that combines a Kato EMD SDP40F Santa Fe locomotive with an assortment of 7 pieces of Micro-Trains N Scale freight equipment, Item # KMT-001!

This set will consist of a variety of Santa Fe (and one Kato logo) road name freight equipment, including a boxcar, a caboose, two flat cars and a well car along with a trailer and a 48’ container – all backing up the Kato EMD SDP40F Santa Fe locomotive, making for a wonderfully varied 80’s style freight consist that modelers can enjoy out of the box! See the attached announcement sheet and image picture for a complete look at everything that will be included in this bundle.

This bundle will be sold only through Kato USA and will have unique car numbers from the standard Micro-Trains releases, making these cars unique to this set.

Item Number: KMT-001
MSRP: $320.00

Orders Due By November 30, 2017

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