LK-608N Scale One Bay Engine House Kit
A One Bay Engine House …Warehouse…or Freighthouse …..Trackside, or in your Local Town. Based on an Illinois Terminal Design, this kit Features Board & Batten Siding, Rolled Roofing, Extra-Long AMB Cast White Metal Chimney….All 100% Laser-Cut! A simple and Fun Structure to build with a Dozen Different Uses!
Footprint 4.5″ Long x 2.5″ Wide x 2″ High
Part # LK-608
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LK-610N Scale Country Grain Elevator Kit
Our N-scale elevator is designed after the many elevators constructed in the early 1900’s and still found standing throughout the midwest. All parts are laser-cut from basswood and thin veneer plywood. The roof is laser-cut from corrugated basswood. 3.75″ long x 2.25″ wide x 5″ high.
Part # LK-610
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N Scale Midwest Combo Farm Kit
This is American Model Builders 614 Midwest Farm Combo.
This cost saving combo package includes four best selling N scale kits: the Country Barn, the Two-Story Farmhouse, and two (2) Sonny’s Shacks.
Displayed together, they form a typical midwestern family farm scene. Its key features are: 100% laser-cut parts Peel & stick and tab & slot technology for ease of construction
Dimensions: Country Barn: 4.25 long x 3.25 wide x 3.25 high and includes hexagonal shingles
Two-Story Farmhouse: with its attached rear kitchen and delicately detailed front porch, measures 2.5 long x 2.5 wide x 2.25 high Sonny’s
Shacks: outfitted with green colored tarpaper, each measure 2.5 long x 1.5 wide x 1 high
Part # LK-614
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LK-617N Scale Feeder Barn Kit
Round up the cattle, the sheep, or the hogs…’s feeding time on the farm. Based on a style seen coast to coast, this tidy laser-Cut livestock or milking barn features scribed siding, Peel & Stick windows & doors, and a tin style roof with Peel & Stick backing. It’s a quick and easy kit for beginner or expert. 4″ Long x 2.5″ Wide x 2″ High
Part # LK-617
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LK-618N Scale IC Type A Depot Kit
The Illinois Central built a series of new, smaller depots during the post WWII era as a cost savings measure. Many of the company’s older deports were in need of extensive repairs and the decline of passenger service on several lines made it more economical to tear down the original structure and then build a replacement out of new and salvaged lumber. The type “A”, represented by our newest N scale kit, was one of the largest of the four standard designs measuring 36’-3” in length and 16’-3” wide at the end walls. It had a separate waiting room for passengers, an office for the agent, and an express-baggage-freight area. Kit #618 features custom laser-scribed and cut plywood walls and roof, white metal chimney, and a screen door on the passenger waiting room as well as Peel & Stick windows (with individual sashes), doors, trim, and 3-Tab shingles. The kit may be built with either the passenger waiting room on the left or right hand side. The assembled IC depot measures 3” long x 1.5” wide x 1.25” high.
Part # LK-618
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LK-621N Scale Silex Elevator Kit
At one time this elevator was served by the St. Louis and Hannibal Railroad. Of an older design, at some time in its’ history it was covered with corrugated metal to protect it from fire. We have cut ours from Evergreen styrene.
Footprint 5.75″ long x 4.5″ wide x 7.75″ high
Part # LK-621
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LK-638N Scale Springfield Depot Kit
The depot that’s perfect for any era…..any railroad…..any part of the country. Features include our unique “stand alone” three window bay, Laser-Cut shake style shingles with peel & stick backing, and our layered windows with glazing. This classic style one story depot is designed for quick, easy, and fun construction and a great look on anyone’s layout. 3″ Long x 1.25″ Wide x 1.25″ High
Part # LK-638
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LK-691N Scale Crossroads Church Kit
A traditional small church design that can be found throughout the United States. Totally precision laser-cut, the kit features Peel & Stick windows/doors and pre-colored, Peel & Stick tin style roofing paper. Measures 2 1/2″ long x 1 1/8″ wide x 2″ high.
Part # LK-691
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LK-693N Scale McCormac’s Dry Goods Kit
This Dry Goods shop is a false front building reminiscent of those built throughout the US in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It features a store front window, wood boardwalk, color sign, white metal chimney, Peel & Stick windows/doors, and rolled roofing. The finished structure measures 3″L x 1 3/8″W x1 3/4″H.
Part # LK-693
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