Santa Fe and Pennsylvania Railroad each held a 50% stake in Toledo Peoria & Western since 1960. PRR’s share passed to Penn Central who then sold their half to Santa Fe in the aftermath of the creation of Conrail. In 1983, Santa Fe finally merged the TP&W which included their varied fleet of bay window cabooses. Two of these cars which became ATSF 999653 (a half bay window car) and ATSF 999654 (a Phase 1 car) received full Santa Fe paint jobs. Both of these historic cars are represented in this run.

  • 40180 Santa Fe (half bay window) #ATSF 999653
  • 41150 Santa Fe (Phase 1) #ATSF 999654

$45.95 each

When New York Central sought a steel replacement for their wooden caboose fleet in the 1940s, they quickly settled on the half bay window design which skirted the problems of ever taller boxcars and low side clearance issues due to some bridges and passenger platforms. For this new group of NYC oxide red cabooses, we present them with the more common oxide red background on the oval logo and a different arrangement of the yellow trim. These NYC cars will be available in 3 road numbers.

  • 40190 New York Central oxide red, version 2 #NYC 20288
  • 40191 New York Central oxide red, version 2 #NYC 20203
  • 40195 New York Central oxide red, version 2 #NYC 20225


Norfolk Southern was one of many railroads to hold back a portion of their caboose fleet to serve as “shoving platforms.” NS 555761, a former Southern Railway Phase 1 caboose, received new NS paint with the stallion version of the NS logo and a Southern Railway logo as a nod to its past. It put in an appearance at the Streamliners At Spencer event in 2014 before returning to regular service.

  • 41160 Norfolk Southern – Southern Rwy heritage #NS 555761


Southern Railway’s final delivery of Phase 1 cabooses came not from their usual builder Gantt but from Fruit Growers Express who also built cabooses for Conrail, Chessie, Seaboard System and others. This batch was painted with a thinner profile version of the Brosnan-era block lettering – except for the road numbers which used the original heavier profile lettering. These cars will be available in 3 road numbers.

  • 41170 Southern Rwy FGE-built #X315
  • 41171 Southern Rwy FGE-built #X326
  • 41175 Southern Rwy FGE-built #X321


Conrail inherited these Phase 4 cabooses from Erie Lackawanna. At least two of the cars received this paint scheme featuring the largest wheel-and-rail logo ever applied to Conrail cabooses. For reasons known only to Conrail shop forces, these two cars were re-painted without removing the running boards or ladders.

  • 44290 Conrail giant logo #CR 21153
  • 44291 Conrail giant logo #CR 21151


Route Rock was a derivation of The Rock, a new image developed in 1975 for the Chicago Rock Island & Pacific as it reorganized from bankruptcy and a failed attempt to merge into Union Pacific. Departing from the blue and white standard, some Rock cabooses were painted solid white with the Route Rock moniker. These Phase 4 cabooses had been paid for by Union Pacific and leased to Rock Island during negotiations for the merger. When The Rock shut down in 1980, the lease was canceled and these cabooses were returned to Union Pacific. These cars will be available in 3 road numbers.

  • 44300 Route Rock white #17184
  • 44301 Route Rock white #17112
  • 44305 Route Rock white #17187


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