The Medford, Talent and Lake Creek Railroad was established in 1918 by George Harden to help local Rogue Valley communities move commodities to the Southern Pacific interchanges. The success of the model shortline in the early days brought not only commercial interest,s but tourist traffic to the region. The lush agricultural landscape, moderate climate and natural wonders of the Rogue Valley proved a great draw and helped establish the MT&L RR as a healthy regional line in Southern Oregon by the mid 20th Century. While most of the traffic supported the local fisheries, growers and fruit processors, the timber brought down through Lake Creek from the western flanks of the surrounding Cascades insured success for the fledging rail line.

By 1927 the numbers doubled as did the daily traffic of coaches and private parlor cars through the windy passage along the banks of the Upper Rogue River. In 1929 track was completed to the coast following the Lower Rogue to Gold Beach which provided a necessarly link to small communities delivering commodities and mail. With the completion of the link, the Rogue Valley flourished as did the MT&L RR enabling both to survive the coming Depression and Beyond.

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Medford Talent & Lake Creek FT Locomotive
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Medford Talent & Lake Creek 36’ Caboose
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Medford Talent & Lake Creek 40’ Log Car
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