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STL-MillersFeedSeedN Scale Millers Feed and Seed Kit
Miller’s Feed & Seed is based on the Modoc County Co-operative Association Building in Alturas, California. The prototype building still stands in a state of dis-repair next to the Mainline with the Rail Spur such as it is still in place. The building is in the North part of town off what was once the SP Modoc Branch that ran from Klamath Falls, Oregon through Alturas to Fernley, Nevada.
The only photos we had to work from were what we took during the research process. Even though several design changes were made to this kit in an effort to make it more modeler friendly; we made every attempt to maintain the original integrity & basic design concept of the Prototype.
Also included in the kit are graphics that allow the modeler to model this historic structure as the Modoc County Co-operative.
Kit Features: Laser Cut Structural Components, Doors, Cedar Shake Roof, Peel ‘n Stick Paper Roofing, & other Details & Components.
Also Featured are Grandt Line Windows & Paper Graphics.
This kit offers the modeler with several switching possibilities. The Rail Head is large enough to accept 3 Rail Cars at once…one each at the Freight Doors located on each end of the building & a third in the middle at the Grain Loading Facility located at the rear of the Elevator part of the structure.
Footprint: 6″ x 13 1/2″
Part # STL-MillersFeedSeed
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STL-ArmstrongN Scale Armstrong Industries Kit
Kit includes Laser Cut Structural Components, Doors, Tile Panels & various other details like the Roof Top Equipment/Compressors & Pallets for the Dock. Also Included are various cast details & Grandt Line Windows.
The instructions also include the necessary information for you to purchase some additional supplies to achieve the finish we show on the finished model.
Dimensions: 8.5” X 5”
Part # STL-Armstrong
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STL-EMDN Scale EMD Diesel Repair Shop Kit
Kit Features include: Laser Cut Building Components; Other Laser Cut Details which include Interior Walkways in the service area as well as Man and Loading Doors; Grandt Line Windows & Cast Roof Vents.
Also included in the kit is a add-on Annex building cut from material resembling poured Concrete Tilt-up walls. It also has a Railhead Dock & separate Truck Loading Door for delivery of Parts & Supplies.
Dimensions: : 7 1/2″ x 12 1/2″
Part # STL-EMD
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