Kato Unitrack N Scale Track Electrical and Misc. Accessories

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KAT-20-901N scale Kato Unitrack Template
Unitrack Template (2 pieces). Great for planning your Dream Unitrack Layout.
Part # KAT-20-901
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KAT-24-039N scale Kato Unitrack Ballast
(7 oz) plastic bag
Fine grain; colored to match Unitrack. Ballast color
Great for filling in areas and color matching other brands of track
Part # KAT-24-039
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KAT-24-84TCN scale Kato Turnout Cable
Replacement Turnout Cable
Part # KAT-24-84TC
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KAT-24-815N scale Kato UniJoiner
UniJoiner [20 pcs] (conductive joiners)
Part # KAT-24-815
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KAT-24-816N scale Kato Insulated UniJoiner
Insulated UniJoiner [20 pcs]
Part # KAT-24-816
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KAT-24-817N scale Kato S-Joiner
S-Joiner for Piers [20 pcs]
Part # KAT-24-817
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KAT-24-818N scale Kato Terminal UniJoiner, 35″ Leads
Terminal UniJoiner, 35″ Leads [1 pair]
Part # KAT-24-818
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KAT-24-825N scale Kato DC Extension Cord, 35″ Leads
DC Extension Cord, 35″ [1 pc]
Part # KAT-24-825
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KAT-24-826N scale Kato AC Extension Cord, 35″ Leads
AC Extension Cord, 35″ [1 pc]
Part # KAT-24-826
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KAT-24-827N scale Kato 3-Way Extension Cord, 35″ Leads
3-Way Extension Cord, 35″ [1 pc]
Part # KAT-24-827
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KAT-24-828N scale Kato Double Track Viaduct Power Cord
Double Track Viaduct Power Cord [2 pcs]
Part # KAT-24-828
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KAT-24-829N scale Kato Power Pack Accessory Adapter
This can be used with the 24-826 cable to get to any type of DC accessory [1 pc]
Part # KAT-24-829
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KAT-24-840N scale Kato Turnout Control Switch
Turnout Control Switch [1 pc]
Part # KAT-24-840
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KAT-24-841N scale Kato Turnout Extension Cord, 35″
Turnout Extension Cord, 35″ [1 pc]
Part # KAT-24-841
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KAT-24-842N scale Kato DC Converter
DC Converter [1 pc]
• Used with #24-840 turnout control.
• Used with #20-650 Automatic Crossing Gate.
Part # KAT-24-842
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KAT-24-843N scale Kato Terminal Adapter Cord, 35″
Terminal Adapter Cord, 35″ [1 pc]
• Used to connect track leads to power pack.
• Used to connect Signal Power Supply to power pack.
Part # KAT-24-843
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KAT-24-845N scale Kato Signal Extension Cord
Signal Extension Cord
• To extend wires from Signal Power Supply to Signal.
Part # KAT-24-845
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KAT-24-850N scale Kato Power Feed Control Switch
Control box allows you to turn on/off track feeders at will in order to isolate track sections at command. Usable with the Turntable Extension Tracks or in general with other UNITRACK Feeders or terminal Unijoiners.
Part # KAT-24-850
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KAT-24-851N scale Kato Direction Control Switch
Direction Control Switch. Control box allows you to reverse the direction of a track feeder at will in order to easily implement reversing loops.
Part # KAT-24-851
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