What’s New

Digitrax PM74 Power Manager


May Micro-Trains Runner Packs


May Micro-Trains Cars



Broadway Limited Hopper Car 2 Packs



Micro-Trains April Weathered Cars



New BLI Heavy and Light Pacifics


  New Atlas 89ft flats


New Atlas U25B


  New PTMR lighted signal



 Check out the Vintage Trains Page



TCS Kato E7 Decoder


  Showcase Miniatures Fire truck



 Check out the Vintage Trains Page


BLI F3 and F7’s


  New BLI Mikado’s


N Scale Kato Locomotive  Kato SD40-2 w/ sound



  New InterMountain Hopper Cars


Walthers Trackside structues


  Kato SP Morning Daylight set


Atlas Ford Trucks


Bachmann Track Cleaning Cars back in stock


 New Woodland Scenics TV and Appliance



Kato GS-4


Kato SD70Ace’s



Atlas Dash 8-40’s


Atlas Shorty Beer Cars


Atlas Beer Boxcars



Atlas Ore Cars


N Scale Flexi-Van Flat Car Trainworx Flexi-Van Flats


N Scale Flexi-Van Semi TrailerTrainworx Flexi-Van Trailers



  New Digitrax Turnout push buttons and cables for DS74


  New Kato Baggage car


New Woodland Scenics Diner


ESU-58721 Decoder


New Atlas Ford Explorers



New N Scale Architect Kilns


New Bowser Caboose’s


New Micro-Trains 1015-1-10 Assembled Body mount Couplers (10 pair -pack)



  New Woodland Built Up


New Kato SD70M


  New Kato Coalporters



New Model Tech Worker


New Kato SD70Ace



  New Woodland Substation and Utillity System


New AZATRAX LARY-DC latching relays for Kato turnouts and others



                          FHS Custom made Data Cables for DCC


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