Micro-Trains N Scale Runner Packs


Micro-Trains ATSF Safety Caboose Set(2)
ATSF Safety Caboose Runner Pack
Road Numbers: 2164, 1579
Part # MT10000370
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Micro-Trains Conrail Hopper Set(4)
Conrail Ortner Hopper Runner Pack
Road Numbers: 493033, 493071, 493182, 493197
Part # MT99300126
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Micro-Trains ATSF Reefer Set (5) 
ATSF Reefer Runner Pack 40ft
Road Numbers: 32670,16543,32153,32423,33110
Part # MT99301480
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mt99300123Micro-Trains MP Boxcar Set(4)
MP Boxcar Runner Pack 40ft
Road Numbers: 46866,46894,46944,46978
Part # MT99300123
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mt99300122Micro-Trains 50ft Boxcar Set(4)
C&O 50ft Boxcar Runner Pack
Road Numbers: 272150,272164,272176,272188
Part # MT99300122
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mt99300118Micro-Trains B&O 2 bay Hopper Set(4)
B&O hopper Runner Pack
Road Numbers: 121101,121132,122605,122761
Part # MT99300118
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mt99300105Micro-Trains PRR Boxcar Set(4)
PRR Boxcar Runner Pack 40ft
Road Numbers: 92419,92442,92464,92499
Part # MT99300105
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