Micro-Trains Weathered Cars , Sets and Misc.



Micro-Trains  Weathered and Graffiti Boxcar Set (2)
EEC and WRWK  Weathered and Graffiti Birds of a Feather Boxcars
EEC and WRWK #8331 and 88072
Part # MT02544008
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Micro-Trains Graffiti and Weathered Halloween Well Car
CRLE weathered and Graffiti Halloween Well Car
CRLE # ?
Part # MT13544040
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Micro-Trains 50ft Weathered Box Car
EEC weathered and Graffiti 50ft boxcar no roof walk
EEC # 1326
Part # MT02544007
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Micro-Trains 3 bay Weathered Hopper Car Set (3)
PC weathered Hopper Car Set 
PC # 180166,180169,479447
Part # MT99305420
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Micro-Trains Weathered 2 bay Covered Hopper
NS weathered and Graffiti Hopper
NS # 294239
Part # MT09244240
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Micro-Trains Weathered Hopper
BNSF weathered and Graffiti Hopper
BNSF # 808196
Part # MT09844040
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Micro-Trains Weathered Lucky Boxcar 2 pack
Weathered Boxcar 2 pack
CP and BNSF # 215619 & 727877
Part # MT99305380
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mt02230191Micro-Trains True Scale Magne-Matic Conversion Box Car
UP Boxcar Converts True Scale to Magne-Matic
UP # 111090
Part # MT02230191
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mt10830322Micro-Trains True Scale Magne-Matic Conversion Hopper Car
CR hopper car Converts True Scale to Magne-Matic
CR # 495029
Part # MT10830322
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mt04530512Micro-Trains True Scale Magne-Matic Conversion Flat Car
D&RGW flat car Converts True Scale to Magne-Matic
D&RGW # 80000A
Part # MT04530511
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mt06930212Micro-Trains True Scale Magne-Matic Conversion Reefer Car
CP Reefer Converts True Scale to Magne-Matic
CP # 287227
Part # MT06930212
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mt11644010Micro-Trains Weathered Troop Car
USDD weathered Troop Sleeper
USDD # 9972
Part # MT11644010
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mt09244330Micro-Trains Weathered 2bay Hopper
ACFX weathered 2 Bay Hopper
ACFX # 218835
Part # MT09244330
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mt05544470Micro-Trains Weathered 2 Bay Hopper
Reading Weathered 2 bay hopper
Reading # 87511
Part # MT05544470
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mt11144190Micro-Trains Graffiti Auto Rack
Ferromex Graffiti Auto Rack
ETTX # 704040
Part # MT11144190
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mt02544870Micro-Trains 50ft Weathered Box Car 2 Pack
AWARE weathered and Graffiti 50ft boxcars no roof walk
EEC # 5529 , 3534
Part # MT02544870
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mt05544510Micro-Trains Weathered 2 Bay Hopper
B&O Weathered 2 bay hopper
B&O # 234928
Part # MT05544510
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mt99301280Micro-Trains ATSF Weathered Train Set
ATSF H16-44 Atlas DCC Ready Loco
3 ATSF Reefers
ATSF Caboose
Part # MT99301280
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mt99301290Micro-Trains BNSF Weathered Train Set
BNSF GP60 (Walthers)
BN Boxcar
BNSF Flat w/load
CN Boxcar
ATSF Caboose
Part # MT99301290
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