Pre-order Reservation Policies

Please fill out the form at the bottom of each pre-order page or call 575-523-9743 to place your pre-order request.  Please provide us with the item number and quantity of the product you would like to pre-order.  We will also need the following information:
Billing/Shipping Address
Telephone Number
Payment Information to include credit card #, expiration date and CVCC code from the back of your credit card.
You will not be charged for the pre-order item until it is ready to ship to you. We will be offering a 30% discount off of MSRP on all pre-orders.  MSRP will be determined by the manufacturer at the time of delivery.
If you are unable to follow through with your commitment to us at the time of delivery, there will be a 10% cancellation fee charged to your credit card.




Micro-Trains TTX Well Car 16-packs

Micro-Trains TTX Well Car 16-packs

Since the early 1990s, 70’ Husky Stack intermodal well cars have been found in long unit trains on every major Class 1 railroad from coast to coast. These cars can each carry up to two containers, the bottom well position holding a...