Atlas N Scale Structures

ATL-2070Atlas Code 55 Single Track Truss Bridge Kit
CD 55 Black
Part # ATL-2070
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ATL-2070Atlas Code 55 Single Track Truss Bridge Kit
CD 55 Silver (Black pictured)
Part # ATL-2071
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ATL-2080Atlas Code 55 Single Track Bridge
Part # ATL-2080
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ATL-2081Atlas Code 55 Double Track Bridge
Part # ATL-2081
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ATL-2082Atlas Code 55 Single Track Add-on
Part # ATL-2082
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atl-2541Atlas Pier Set (25 Peice Pack)
Use to raise track on approach to bridge. Snap-fit mounting for Atlas track.
Part # ATL-2541
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ATL-2542Atlas Straight Bridge Girders (4 Pack)
Part # ATL-2542
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atl-2543Atlas Bridge Piers (3 Pack)
Part # ATL-2543
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ATL-2546Atlas Warren Truss Bridge
Part # ATL-2546
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ATL-2547Atlas Deck Truss Bridge
Part # ATL-2547
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ATL-2548Atlas Plate Girder Bridge
Part # ATL-2548
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ATL-2553Atlas Code 80 Plate Girder Bridge
Part # ATL-2553
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ATL-2555Atlas Code 80 Plate Girder Bridge
Great Northern
Part # ATL-2555
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ATL-2556Atlas Code 80 Plate Girder Bridge
Part # ATL-2556
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ATL-2557Atlas Code 80 Plate Girder Bridge
New Haven
Part # ATL-2557
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ATL-2559Atlas Code 80 Plate Girder Bridge
Part # ATL-2559
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ATL-2560Atlas Code 80 Plate Girder Bridge
Part # ATL-2560
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ATL-2070Atlas Code 80 Single Track Truss Bridge Kit
CD 80 Black
Part # ATL-2570
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ATL-2070Atlas Code 80 Single Track Truss Bridge Kit
CD 80 Silver (Black pictured)
Part # ATL-2571
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atl-2790Atlas Manual Turntable
A great detail for any roundhouse or engine service area. Model comes fully assembled with a 7-1/2″ diameter deck. Serves up to 24 tracks, with 15″ spacing. Designed for use with Atlas Roundhouse #150-2843 and can be motorized using motor kit #ATL-2791.
Part # ATL-2790
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atl-2791Atlas Manual Turntable Drive
Motor drive for #2790
Part # ATL-2791
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ATL-2801Atlas Telephone Poles
Pack of 12 #2801
Part # ATL-2801
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atl-2826Atlas Viaduct
Part # ATL-2826
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ATL-2840Atlas Signal Tower
Protect a junction, yard or other busy trackage along your line. This handsome American building is packed with details, including intricate inlaid bricks, drain pipes and eave supports. For the area around the tower, a tool shed, oil tank and barrels are included.
Part # ATL-2840
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atl-2841Atlas Passenger Station
Building Kit. Accessories include: a luggage cart with baggage and freight, a hand truck and freight scale. (One station platform included)
Part # ATL-2841
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atl-2842Atlas Passenger Station Platforms
(2 Pack)
Part # ATL-2842
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atl-2843Atlas Three Stall Roundhouse
Longest section is 10-3/8”
Widest section is 11”
Tallest section is 3”
Part # ATL-2843
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ATL-2844Atlas Kate’s Colonial Kit
This charming home is perfect for any family and fits city or country scenes. The structure features clapboard siding on lower half and shingle detail on the upper half. A brick chimney, rain gutter and down spout detail, window glazing and an authentic Bilco(R) cellar door are all included.
Part # ATL-2844
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ATL-2846Atlas Barbs Bugalow Kit
Barbs Bungalow Kit is made of styrene plastic and molded in appropriate colors so no paint is needed. Features Include: Window glazing – Clapboard siding on lower half – Shingle detail on the upper half – Bilco cellar doors – Rain gutter and down spout detail – Brick chimney – Molded in appropriate colors
Part # ATL-2846
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ATL-2848Atlas Maywood Station (kit) Tan & Brown
This model is a full scale replica of a depot built by the New Jersey Midland Railroad (predecessor to the present-day New York Susquehanna & Western Railway) at Maywood, NJ in 1872. Stations built to a similar Victorian-era design could be found in small towns and suburbs of larger cities on railroads across the US.
Part # ATL-2848
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ATL-2851Atlas Kim’s Home Kit
Modeled after a popular catalog home of the 1920s, Kim’s Classic American Home is the third release in the Lovely Ladies Home Series™ from Atlas Model Railroad Company.
Approximate Dimensions: 3 1/2″ x 1 3/4″ x 2 1/2″
Part # ATL-2851
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ATL-2860Atlas Barbs Bungalow Garage Kit
This is a finely detailed laser cut micro plywood garages is designed to match Barb’s Bungalow, a member of the Lovely Ladies Home Series™. Barb’s Bungalow Garage Kit is modeled after a typical one-car garage. This kit features several trademarks of the prototypes including the “roll up” wooden doors with multi-pane windows on top, a hip roof, block foundation and horizontal novelty siding.Laser Cut Kit
Each package includes 2 garage structures and comes with a detailed instruction sheet for easy assembly.
Part # ATL-2860
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ATL-2870Atlas Middlesex Manufacturing Kit
Based on the original four-story brick building, the Middlesex Manufacturing Company features eight chimneys, a loading dock, elevator tower and entry stairway. On the track-facing side are several loading doors for boxcars to load and unload their freight through. Optional window blanks to brick out the windows and window vents will be included with the model.
Approximate finished size (including base):
Length: 7½ Inches – Depth: 3 Inches
Authentic 19th Century Style
Usable for almost any industry
Loading dock Brick panels to blank out windows
Optional window vents
Part # ATL-2870
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ATL-4001015Atlas Freight Station Kit
Freight Station Kit – The Freight Station Kit is based on a freight station located in Clark’s Summit, PA, and built around the turn of the century. The loading platform is the perfect height for loading and unloading freight cars. Laser Cut Kit
6 1/4” Long x 4” Wide x 1 1/2” High
Part # ATL-4001015
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