Badger Model Flex Paint

BAD-1701Badger Model Flex Paint Set
#1701 Railroad Rolling Stock Colors
(Engine Black,Reefer White, Reefer Gray, Reefer Yellow, Reefer Orange, Dark Tuscan Red, Light Tuscan Red)
Part # BAD-1701
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BAD-1702Badger Model Flex Paint Set
#1702 Weathering and Railroad Off Line Colors in 1 oz. Bottles
(Weathered Black, Antique White, Primer Gray,Concrete Gray, Sand, Signal Red, Light Green)
Part # BAD-1702
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BAD-1705Badger Model Flex Paint Set
#1705 Automotive Colors in 1 oz. Bottles
(Gloss Black, Gloss White,Gloss Red, Gloss Blue, Gloss Brown,Gloss Yellow, Gloss Green)
Part # BAD-1705
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BAD-16-601Badger Model Flex Paint
#16601 Flat in 1 oz. Bottle
(Clear Flat)
Part # BAD-16601
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BAD-16-602Badger Model Flex Paint
#16602 Satin in 1 oz. Bottle
(Clear Satin)
Part # BAD-16602
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BAD-16-603Badger Model Flex Paint
#16603 Gloss in 1 oz. Bottle
(Clear Gloss)
Part # BAD-16603
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BAD-16-606Badger Model Flex Paint
#16606 Cleaner in 16 oz. Bottle
Part # BAD-16606
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