Bar Mills N Scale Structures

Bar-41Bar Mills Insta-Fence Kit
The fence comes complete with everything you need to complete as much as 200′ linear SCALE feet of fence… depending upon which scale you model in.
Part # Bar-41
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Bar Mills Idaho Hotel Kit
Part # Bar-151
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Bar Mills Billings Bakery Kit
Part # Bar-171
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Bar Mills Shaw’s Ridge Supply Kit
Part # Bar-531
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Bar Mills Shipyard Brewing Kit
Part # Bar-851
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BAR-821Bar Mills Mooney’s Plumbing Emporium Kit
Part # Bar-821
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BAR-304Bar Mills Lowboy Trestle Kit (expandable)
Kit includes laser-cut wood and measures 4” long and 1” high
Part # Bar-304
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Bar Mills N Scale Coal Bins (2)
Cast Resin unpainted
Part # Bar-1006
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BAR-305Bar Mills Covered Stairwells (2 Pack)
Kit includes stairwells only
Part # Bar-305
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BAR-811Bar Mills Pinkhams Pallet and Keg Co. Kit
Complete with resin & white metal castings, plastic windows, signs,
laser-cut shingles & rolled-roofing, and even some “Insta-Fence”
this limited-run (275) kit occupied an area of 12×18 inches on our diorama.
Part # Bar-811
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BAR-912Bar Mills Whistlestop Junction Kit
Part # Bar-912
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BAR-921Bar Mills Waterfront Willies or Trackside Jacks Kit
Part # Bar-921
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bar-931Bar Mills Saulena’s Tavern Kit
Part # Bar-931
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BAR-941Bar Mills Majestic Hardware Kit
This one comes with a lot of metal castings, roof stencils, and the usual amount of Bar Mills “good stuff”. As is always the case metal castings will vary along with the scale of the kits. “Majestic” is one of the oldest structures in our line, & it’ll be around for a long time to come !
Part # Bar-941
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BAR-951Bar Mills Swanson’s Lunch Stand Kit
Part # Bar-951
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Bar-961Bar Mills Wicked Wanda’s Kit
The combination of clapboard & board & batten siding, along with the laser-cut “cedar shake” shingles & the complex looking stairway help to make this one stand out from the rest.
A small “footprint” with a lot of vertical interest it can be squeezed into places
other buildings dare not go !
3.25 X 4.25
Part # Bar-961
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BAR-991Bar Mills Shack Pack Kit
Kit includes 3 shacks and details
Part # Bar-991
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bar-801Bar Mills Earls Oil Co.
This little pumphouse has everything. This kit includes 3 highly-detailed resin tanks, signs, our new “Insta-Fence” system, white metal castings, a 10 page how-to booklet… and even a billboard.
Part # Bar-801
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