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DCCS-bwatcherDCC Specialties Block Watcher
This detector puts the power of a microprocessor to work analyzing the current feed to the rails. This detector has been designed to eliminate many of the installation problems associated with the installation of signal systems. The Block Watcher comes ready to install, all you have to do is to connect it between the DCC booster or circuit breaker and the rails. Then connect the detector output switch to your signal system.
Part # DCCS-bwatcher
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DCCS-wabbitDCC Specialties Wabbit
Look at all the features that are not available from any other stationary decoder at any price!
Auto Throw
Auto Throw Timer
Auto Return
Smart Route
Dispatcher Over-Ride
Locked Route Control
Switch Speed Control
Smart Default Ops
Operate Switch Signals
Manual Button/Toggle
System Reset
Direct Current Ops
Semaphore Operations
Automates Reverse Loops
Part # DCCS-Wabbit
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DCC Specialties PSXX1
DCC Circuit Breaker
PSXX1 DCC Solid State Power District Circuit Breaker, 1 Block, 0-10 Amps.
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