How to install a Micro-Trains (Rapido) Easy-Peasy Passenger Car Lighting Kit and a Micro-Trains heavyweight.

By: Mike Fifer

Let me start by saying this is probably the easiest installation I’ve ever done and with superior results. The new Micro-Trains Rapido Easy-Peasy car lighting kit is just a simply great product. Each Easy-Peasy comes in its own blister pack which includes a activation and deactivation wand in each package as well as the two batteries it requires to light the board.


The first thing to do is to remove it from the package and install the batteries. The included batteries are installed in the clips with the flat side of the battery facing towards you as pictured.


After installing the batteries run the wand over the board and make sure that it functions. After that I recommend wrapping some tape (I just happen to have Kapton tape but scotch tape will do) around each LED at each end of the board. This stabilizes the board as the board is a little sloppy on each end as it comes out of the package.

easy-peasy-4 easy-peasy-3

Once you have your board ready to go the next step is to remove the roof from the Micro-Trains heavyweight. This is easily done by just grasping the shell, and with your fingernail, gently lift up on the black roof portion. It should remove easily.


The next step in this dreamy installation you simply lay the board on top of the seating area with the batteries in the single lavatory end.

easy-peasy-7 easy-peasy-6

The next part is to reinstall the roof on the car which is done by simply lining it up and pushing it down into place. If the roof does not want to seem to go down simply slightly lift and lightly shake the car of front to rear to seat the Easy-Peasy into place. Then once again push down on the roof and it should snap right back in.


The only thing that remains is to test the unit and to do that simply run the wand across the roof and the light should come on then simply swipe the wand across in the other axis and the light should go off.


That’s all there is to it. It took me about 10 minutes to do two cars. In this day and age sometimes simplicity is very gratifying !