Kato Unitrack N Scale Track Electrical and Misc. Accessories

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KAT-20-901N scale Kato Unitrack Template
Unitrack Template (2 pieces). Great for planning your Dream Unitrack Layout.
Part # KAT-20-901
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N scale Kato North American Style Automatic Crossing Gate
Kato has produced an automated electronic crossing gate, complete with lights, sounds, and infrared sensors for detecting locomotives and cars! Fully automated and DCC friendly! This crossing gate will feature multiple selectable warning sounds, smooth moving crossing gates, and a fully enclosed and automated system for detecting trains and lowering and raising the gates – no button pushing necessary!
2 x Sloped ramp pieces with painted double yellow lines
2 x 2 7/16” Sensor Tracks + Sensor cables
Complete crossing gate assembly with lights, gates, speaker, and track
Optional Sticker sheet
5V1.2A Power Supply Plug + power supply cable
Part # KAT-20-652-1
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N scale Kato Double Track Attachment for North American Style Automatic Crossing Gate
This is to extend the crossing gate to multiple tracks.
2 x 2 7/16” Sensor Tracks + Sensor cables
Road section with sensors.

Part # KAT-20-653
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N scale Kato Sensor Track Extension Cable
This is to extend a sensor further away.

Part # KAT-20-654
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KAT-24-039N scale Kato Unitrack Ballast
(7 oz) plastic bag
Fine grain; colored to match Unitrack. Ballast color
Great for filling in areas and color matching other brands of track
Part # KAT-24-039
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KAT-24-84TCN scale Kato Turnout Cable
Replacement Turnout Cable
Part # KAT-24-84TC
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KAT-24-815N scale Kato UniJoiner
UniJoiner [20 pcs] (conductive joiners)
Part # KAT-24-815
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KAT-24-816N scale Kato Insulated UniJoiner
Insulated UniJoiner [20 pcs]
Part # KAT-24-816
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KAT-24-817N scale Kato S-Joiner
S-Joiner for Piers [20 pcs]
Part # KAT-24-817
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KAT-24-818N scale Kato Terminal UniJoiner, 35″ Leads
Terminal UniJoiner, 35″ Leads [1 pair]
Part # KAT-24-818
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KAT-24-825N scale Kato DC Extension Cord, 35″ Leads
DC Extension Cord, 35″ [1 pc]
Part # KAT-24-825
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KAT-24-826N scale Kato AC Extension Cord, 35″ Leads
AC Extension Cord, 35″ [1 pc]
Part # KAT-24-826
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N scale Kato 3-Way Extension Cord, 35″ Leads
3-Way Extension Cord, 35″ [1 pc]
Part # KAT-24-833   Replaces 24-827
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KAT-24-828N scale Kato Double Track Viaduct Power Cord
Double Track Viaduct Power Cord [2 pcs]
Part # KAT-24-828
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KAT-24-829N scale Kato Power Pack Accessory Adapter
This can be used with the 24-826 cable to get to any type of DC accessory [1 pc]
Part # KAT-24-829
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KAT-24-840N scale Kato Turnout Control Switch
Turnout Control Switch [1 pc]
Part # KAT-24-840
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KAT-24-841N scale Kato Turnout Extension Cord, 35″
Turnout Extension Cord, 35″ [1 pc]
Part # KAT-24-841
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KAT-24-842N scale Kato DC Converter
DC Converter [1 pc]
• Used with #24-840 turnout control.
• Used with #20-650 Automatic Crossing Gate.
Part # KAT-24-842
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KAT-24-843N scale Kato Terminal Adapter Cord, 35″
Terminal Adapter Cord, 35″ [1 pc]
• Used to connect track leads to power pack.
• Used to connect Signal Power Supply to power pack.
Part # KAT-24-843
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KAT-24-845N scale Kato Signal Extension Cord
Signal Extension Cord
• To extend wires from Signal Power Supply to Signal.
Part # KAT-24-845
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KAT-24-850N scale Kato Power Feed Control Switch
Control box allows you to turn on/off track feeders at will in order to isolate track sections at command. Usable with the Turntable Extension Tracks or in general with other UNITRACK Feeders or terminal Unijoiners.
Part # KAT-24-850
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KAT-24-851N scale Kato Direction Control Switch
Direction Control Switch. Control box allows you to reverse the direction of a track feeder at will in order to easily implement reversing loops.  On-Off-On
Part # KAT-24-851
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