Kato Unitrack N Scale Track Sets And Extension Sets

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N UNITRAM Freight Depot Basic Set
Perfect for freight depot scenes using Double Stack Containers & Autorack Trains!
– 1054mm (41 1/2″) long, the length of a 5-car freight Autorack consist or MAXI-I well car.
UNITRAM Track Plates – 4 x Straight (186mm)
UNITRAM Road Plates – 4 x straight plates w/ Yellow line marking (186mm), 7 x blank straight plates (186mm)
UNITRAM Street Track to UNITRACK conversion track (124mm)
Car Accessory parts, including Car ramps, boarding steps, and car pallets (painting required)
UNITRAM Accessory kit – includes catenary pole set, fences, decals, track plate joiners (16) and Dio-town plate joiners (24)
Part # KAT-23-142
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N UNITRAM Freight Depot Extension Set
Meant to extend the 23-142 set to lengthen the track segment.
– 372mm (14 5/8″ long)
UNITRAM Track Plates – 2 x Straight (186mm)
UNITRAM Road Plates – 2 x straight plates w/ Yellow line marking (186mm), 2 x blank straight plates (186mm)
Decals, track plate joiners (8) and Dio-town plate joiners (16)
Part # KAT-23-143
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N scale Kato M1 Starter Set
M1 Basic Oval Track Set with Kato Power Pack (Master 1) – Kato 20-850
Builds a Basic Single-Track Oval – approximate size of 4’6″ x 2’2″,  using 12-3/8″ radius curve track
4x Straight Track 248mm (S248)
1x Straight Track 124mm (S124)
1x Straight Track 62mm (S62)
1x Feeder Track 62mm (S62F)
1x Road Crossing Track 124mm (S124C)
8x Radius 45º Curve Track 315mm (R315-35)
1x Rerailer/UniJoiner Remover
1x Adapter Cord
Kato Power Pack [with Japanese characters, 12 Volt DC @ 1.5 Amp, works in US]
Power specifications same as Kato 22-014
Scale: N
Part # KAT-20-852
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Kat-20-890-planKAT-20-890N scale CV1 Compact Oval Set
N CV-1 Unitrack Compact Oval Set
Complete oval with 6″ curves and 124mm (4 7/8″) straight pieces. Includes a re-railer and feeder track.
Part # KAT-20-890
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cv2KAT-20-891N scale CV2 Compact Multi-purpose Turnout Set
N CV-2 Unitrack Compact Multi-purpose Turnout Set
Semi-circle of track with 6″ curves and Two 6″-45 degree Compact turnouts. Also includes two Kato turnout control switches.
Part # KAT-20-891
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