Magic Water

Magic-WaterMagic Water water scenery liquid
Magic Water™ sets up in as little as 12 hours and not more than 24 depending on the atmospheric conditions. Magic Water™ has been in development for over a year. Each carton of Magic Water™ contains enough resin, 18 ounces, to cover an area of 2 square feet 1/8″ deep. You may pour it as thin or as thick as you like, however no more than 1/2″ depth at a time should be done. If you want to do a deep pour, do it in 1/2″ layers allowing the Magic Water to cure between layers. No seams will be noticeable. It comes complete with a multi page color booklet and instruction guide loaded with water modeling tips and techniques on making, ponds, lakes, streams, rivers, rapids. waterfalls, swamps, swimming pools, mudpuddles and more! We are sure you will find Magic Water™ to be the easiest and most realistic product you have tried.
18 oz.
Part # Magic Water
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