Micro-Mark Tools and Supplies

MicM-82476Rotary Tray Ends Workbench Clutter
You won’t find anything better for storing your most used small tools. The Rotary Tray holds pliers, knives, tweezers, pencils, needle files, scribers, scissors just about anything in less than one square foot of space. Made of high impact plastic with rotating base. 10-1/2 inches diameter x 7 inches high. Black
Part # MicM-82476
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MicM-82120N Scale Track Inspection Car
Smooth trackwork is essential to reliable model railroad performance. Problems with track can take some of the fun out of train operation and identifying trouble spots can be difficult without the proper equipment. Our Track Inspection Car makes the job easy. The crystal clear floor of the car gives you the best view of the movement of wheelsets through switches and crossings, around curves, and at rail joints. You can quickly detect the location of kinks, bumps, dips and roughness which can hamper the smooth operation of your trains. Trouble spots can be repaired, then re-checked with the car to assure smooth operation and give more operating satisfaction. Assembles easily in a few minutes. Includes trucks, hardware and instructions.
Part # MicM-82120
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MicM-60304Magnetic Glueing Jig
Use for dollhouse furniture, miniature picture frames, model railroad structures and rolling stock, ship model deck houses and more. 10-1/4 inch x 10-1/4 inch, 21 gauge steel plate with 7/8 inch flanges bent up at 90 degrees. Includes 8 magnetic holding plates that keep components together squarely while glue dries.
Part # MicM-60304
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MicM-60305Magnetic Glueing Jig Extra Magnets
Set of 8 extra magnetic plates designed for use with #60304 and #70223 Magnetic Assembly Jigs.
Part # MicM-60305
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MicM-82839Spike and Nail Insertion Plier
Spike Insertion Plier is manufactured with special dies that form perfect T-shaped grooves in the jaw faces. Spikes nestle perfectly into these grooves, and only a gentle squeeze of the handles is needed to hold them securely. The nose is specially contoured to push spikes home without slipping off and damaging the railhead or ties, and the comfortable grips let you spike for hours without fatigue. Your trackwork will be smooth and trouble-free. Works with all brands and gauges of spikes Z through O. Custom-made in the USA to our specifications by Xuron.
Part # MicM-82839
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MicM-84383Soldering Station
Economy-priced Variable Temperature Electronic Soldering Station gives you a higher level of performance than you can get with a standard gun or iron, but without the cost of an industrial type soldering tool. Features variable power control from 5 to 40 watts (up to 900 degrees F), allowing one tool to do the work of several. You can solder fine electronic wires or brass rod with the same tool. Includes iron with cushioned foam grip, tip, on/off switch with power-on light, safety guard iron holder and sponge pad for tip cleaning.
Part # MicM-84383
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MicM-84384Replacement Tips for Economy Soldering Station
Extra tips for #84383 Variable Temperature Electronic Soldering Station. Package of 3
Part # MicM-84384
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Replacement Sponges for Economy Soldering Station
Package of 3
Part # MicM-84385
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MicM-82916Car Routing System
Realistic operation greatly increases the the overall realism of both your individual models and your model railroad as a whole. With our Car Routing System and our instruction book (included), you’ll learn how to use your railroad models in a manner that truly reflects their realism and capabilities. Our Car Routing System is realistic, flexible, and versatile, and requires no special equipment, such as a computer, to set up or maintain. And it’s so widely used, many of your visiting operators will be already familiar with it.
#82916 Car Routing System Starter Pack includes: 100 each car cards,waybills, and bad order slips, 25 locomotive cards, 4 three-compartment billboxes, plus basic instructions to get your operations started.
Part # MicM-82916
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MicM-82910Car Cards (Yellow)
Buff color, 2-1/8 inches wide x 4 inches high (folded). Designed for use with #82916 Car Routing System. Pad of 100.
Part # MicM-82910
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MicM-82911Waybills (White 2 sided)
White color, 2 inches wide x 3 inches high, 4-cycle. Designed for use with #82916 Car Routing System. Pad of 100.
Part # MicM-82911
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MicM-82912Locomotive Cards (Grey)
Gray color, 2-1/8 inches wide x 4 inches high (folded). Designed for use with #82916 Car Routing System. Pad of 25.
Part # MicM-82912
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MicM-82913Bad Order Slips (Pink)
Pink color, 2 inches wide x 3 inches high. Designed for use with #82916 Car Routing System. Pad of 100.
Part # MicM-82913
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MicM-84019Empty Car Request (Blue)
Pink color, 2 inches wide x 3 inches high. Designed for use with #82916 Car Routing System. Pad of 25.
Part # MicM-84019
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MicM-82914Bill Boxes (2 per package)
Bill Boxes attach to your layout fascia to hold car cards (sold separately). Each 3-compartment wooden box measures 8 inches wide x 1-7/8 inches deep x 4-1/4 inches high; compartments are 2-3/8 inches wide. Package of 2. Designed for use with #82916 Car Routing System.
Part # MicM-82914
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MicM-81751Field Grass Planting Tool
Special Tool Makes it Easy to ‘Plant’ Field Grass
Wrap a small bundle of field grass around the forked tip of our special planting tool. Then use the tool to push the grass into your foam scenery base. Pull the tool out, and the grass will remain ‘planted.’ For plaster scenery bases, drill a little hole before planting. Works fast…works great!
Part # MicM-81751
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MicM-82466Distresser Weathering Brush
The ‘Distresser’ Adds a Realistic, Weatherbeaten Finish to Your Models
When you rub the Distresser’s steel bristles across the surface of your model, it abrades the painted surface and makes it look like it’s been exposed to the elements for a long time. Distresser’s bristle length is adjustable just like the lead in a mechanical pencil…set it short for heavy weathering; long for light weathering. Creates one of the most realistic finishes we’ve seen on painted wood models.
Part # MicM-82466
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MicM-82467Distresser Weathering Brush Refills
Set of 3 Distresser/Scratch Brush refills
Part # MicM-82467
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MicM-83181Neolube 2 fl oz
Neolube is a water-thin graphite/alcohol solution that brushes on metal surfaces smoothly and levels perfectly without streaking. When the alcohol evaporates, a thin, tough, dark matte-gray coating is left behind that works like a dry lubricant, a metal blackener and an electrical conductor all in one. It is ideal for blackening locomotive wheels, steam locomotive side rods and other model linkages for a more prototypical appearance and improved electrical contact. 2 fl. oz. jar includes in-cap brush..
Part # MicM-83181
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