Micro-Trains N Scale Tools, Parts, and Lubes

KD-708Kadee 708 HOn3 (n-scale) Electro Magnetic Un-coupler
1 per pack
Part # KD-708
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How To Install on Kato Unitrack




Kadee 237 Trip Pin Adjustment Pliers
1 per pack
Part # KD-237
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Kadee-166Kadee 166 Power Supply
For powering Kadee electromagnetic uncouplers
Input: AC120V 60HRZ
Output: AC 18V 40VA 2.2A
Part # KD-166
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mt98800172Micro-Trains 1310 Delayed Action Permanent Magnet Un-couplers
2 Magnets per pack
Part # MT98800172 (1310)
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MT98800171Micro-Trains 308 Delayed Action Permanent Un-coupler (under track)
1 Magnet per pack
Part # MT98800171 (308)
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MT98800173Micro-Trains 1311 Delayed Action Permanent Un-coupler (set in Atlas track section)
1 Magnet per pack
Part # MT98800173 (1311)
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Rix Pick Uncoupling Tool N Scale
The Rix Pick Uncoupling Tool is Designed to work with the Kadee® style Couplers.
Place the Rix Pick Uncoupling Tool down inside the knuckle and rotate which will cause the couplers to release.
Part # RIX-628-24
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MT98800031Micro-Trains 1055 N Scale Coupler Gauge
Perfect for measuring #1023 and #1025 coupler mounting height and
track wheel width. Works well as a gluing jig for setting between-the-track
uncouplers, holding them in position while the glue dries.
Part # MT98800031 (1055)
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MT98800191Micro-Trains N Scale Coupler Assembly Fixture
Perfect for coupler assembly.
Part # MT98800191 (702)
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MT98800081Micro-Trains 1050 Coupler Starter Kit
Contains everything you need to get started with Magne-Matic Coupler conversions! The kit contains 3 pairs of our most popular coupler styles, PLUS a selection of specially designed tools to help modelers get up and running. This package represents a great saving over purchasing all of the components separately. Each kit contains: 3 coupler pairs #1015 (assembled lid down), #1023 (assembled) #1128 (unassembled), #1020 Coupler Tweezers #231 Greas’em, #702 Coupler Assembly Fixture, #1059 Tap & Drill Set, #1055 Five-in-one Height Gauge, #1056 Trip Pin Height Gauge, #1311 Uncoupler (mounted in track).
Part # MT98800081 (1050)
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MT98800132Micro-Trains re-railer
Part # MT98800132
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MT98800121Micro-Trains Tap and Drill set
Micro-Trains Tap and drill set for body mounting screws
Part # MT98800121 (1059)
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MT00312040Micro-Trains 1029 Small Parts Pack
Micro-Trains 1029 Small Parts Pack. Parts for #001-02-009 and 001-02-011 couplers
Part # MT00312040 (1029)
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MT00312030Micro-Trains 1034 Atlas Type Bolster Pins
Micro-Trains Atlas Type Bolster Pins. 24 ea.
Part # MT00312030 (1034)
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MT00312031Micro-Trains 1039 MDC Type Bolster Pins
Micro-Trains MDC Type Bolster Pins. 24 ea.
Part # MT00312031 (1039)
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MT00312032Micro-Trains 1086 Standard Type Bolster Pins
Micro-Trains standard Type Bolster Pins. 12 ea.
Part # MT00312032 (1086)
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MT00112001Micro-Trains Coupler Centering Springs
Coupler Centering Springs (12) Used on 1023,1025,1026,1027 Body mount couplers.
Part # MT00112001 (1952)
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MT00112002Micro-Trains Truck Restraining Springs
Truck Restraining Springs (12) Used on axle ends to stop wobble and create friction so cars do not roll away during switching on inclines.
Part # MT00112002 (1953)
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MT00112004Micro-Trains Coupler Centering Springs
Coupler Centering Springs (12) Used on T Shank couplers MT-7, MT-9 and MT-10 couplers.
Part # MT00112004 (1955)
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MT49988905Micro-Trains Caboose Window Set
Caboose Windows (3 sets), Will Fit 50000 series caboose
Part # MT49988905
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MT49988906Micro-Trains Caboose Window Set
Caboose Windows (3 sets), Will Fit 51000 series caboose
Part # MT49988906
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MT49988907Micro-Trains Caboose Window Set
Caboose Windows (3 sets), Will Fit Steel Caboose
Part # MT49988907
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