Maintaining miles and miles of track is a never ending task for railroads. Mechanical tie loaders ride atop gondolas, picking up discarded ties next to the repaired sections of track. Tie loaders are equipped with clamping and lifting hydraulics that allow the tie loader to move from one car to the next as the MOW train moves forward. Our tie loader model is based on the prototype and is a multimedia kit* cast in color. All three gondolas in each set will come with railroad tie loads. Contact your dealer to place your order today!

*Tie Loader is made of resin parts, 3D printed parts and etched metal for the claw. Parts come unassembled and unpainted. Decals for the tie loader will be included (not shown). Renderings shown for representation only.

Conrail 3-Pack – Item Number: 993 01 880 – $99.95

Orders Due By – May 31, 2019

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