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MRC0001414MRC Prodigy Advance 2 DCC System
Two or four digit addressing (0-9999 addresses available).
Advanced and Universal consisting.
14-28/128 speed steps for precise speed control.
Only Prodigy Advance can simultaneusly run up to 99 throttles using plug ‘n play technology.
28 accessory functions to handle multi- function sound systems like *Athearn® Genesis and MRC Sound Decoders.
Fast clock with adjustable ratios for running your railroad on an accurate timetable.
Program all CVs with ease.
Program on the main or on the program track without affecting active locos.
Recall and stack features.
Program and set routes for multi-output N.M.R.A. compatible Accessory Decoders.
Comes complete with all the present N.M.R.A. upgrades and is easily upgradeable to any future NRMA protocols.
Wireless ready…just “Plug and Play”.
Comes complete with power supply, base unit and one handheld, [nothing else to buy to get started].
No complex, hard to understand instruction manual. You’ll be running trains like a “pro” in minutes.
Part # MRC0001414
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MRC0001502MRC Prodigy and Prodigy Advance DCC Powered Extension Plate
Allows you to add additional cabs to Prodigy Advance or Prodigy Express, or to add extra plug-in ports around your layout. In addition, to prevent a voltage drop in the command network, a powered extension plate is necessary when you’re using five or more cabs. Power supply included.
Part # MRC0001502
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520MRC AD520 Auto Reversing Module
Features include: Rating: 2.0 Amperes Module will automate the operation of your DCC reverse loop section. When a DCC equipped loco passes the insulated gaps leading into or from a reverse loop section, the MRC Auto Reverse Module will automatically match the track . Simple 4 wire hookup !
Part # AD-520
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