N Scale Architect Craftsman Kits

N Scale Architect Fire Tower
This photo-etched stainless steel kit can be built up to 100 N-Scale feet tall (approximately 8”) without the need for special tools or solder. It features a dozen c-thru stairways with fine railings & wood textured platforms, a 10′ x 10′ cabin with panel & rivet details, hip & flat roof options, window visors, radio antenna, directional peak vent, laser-cut 2″ x 2″ ‘concrete’ base, and full-color illustrated instructions.
Part # NSA-96708
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N Scale Architect Bee Hive Kiln & Chimney’s (2 Pack)
Expand your ‘C & H Brick & Block Company (#10054) brick making operation with these newly mastered Beehive Kiln & Chimney kits. Each kit includes two(2)@ 2″ diameter x 1½”H Kiln and 3/8″ x 1/4″ x 2½”H Chimney bubble-free resin castings along with full-color illustrated instructions. Numerous scenic detailing packs (#20114 thru #20119) are also available to add more interest to your brick making operation.
Part # NSA-20117
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N Scale Architect Windmill
Wind powered water pumps have been a feature of the American Mid-West for well over a century.
The earliest examples were made of wood which were eventually replaced by the mass produced steel prototype represented in this kit.
Nearly 6 million of this prototype were manufactured by the Climax Corporation. This all brass kit includes the well sleeve and piping shown.
The completed model measures 3” high, 1/4” x 1/4” at the base and 3/4” x 1 1/4” at the top.
Part # NSA-96707
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NSA-10003N Scale Architect Williamstown Coal
(5″ x 3 1/2″ x 4″ Footprint)
This kit is based on a pair of retail coal structures that still stand in Williamstown, Massachusetts. Though the exact date of their construction is unknown, we estimate that they were originally built in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s when coal was the primary source of fuel for heating homes and powering businesses.
Part # NSA-10003
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NSA-10004N Scale Architect Long Valley Lumber Mill Kit
(10” x 6” x 6” Footprint)
This kit serves as a representative of lumber mills that existed in California, Idaho, Minnesota, Oregon and West Virginia from the 1890s to today. The kit takes the most interesting elements from each of the prototypes and blends them into one.
Part # NSA-10004
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NSA-10006N Scale Architect Cal Fame Packing Kit
(12.5” x 9” x 3” Footprint)
This plant was first opened in 1935 by the Escondido Orange Association and continued processing citrus fruits until 1987 when it was closed by the Paramount Citrus Association. Oranges and lemons were trucked to the plant in 55-Pound field boxes that were unloaded at the loading dock on the rear of the plant. Processed fruit was shipped in reefers via the rail spurs located on both sides of the plant which were serviced by the Santa Fe Railroad.
Part # NSA-10006
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NSA-10014N Scale Architect AR Tower Kit
(3” x 1 1/4” x 2 3/4” Footprint)
A prototype Color Photo Sheet has also been included to be used as a reference for coloring and “modernizing” this structure. The laser-cut self-stick “American Bond” brick and slate pieces featured in this kit are created from our Model Builder’s Supply Line styrene building sheets. In addition, the foundation pieces are created from Taskboard®, a new wood fiber building material that is also part of our Model Builder’s Supply Line.
Part # NSA-10014
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NSA-10016N Scale Architect Burlington Marble and Slate Kit
Burlington Marble & Slate was inspired by slate, limestone, blue stone, granite and marble finishing mills that existed across the United States since the early 1800’s. The use of these materials declined and by the middle of the 1900’s many of these mills were closed. Blocks of stone are brought from the quarry on specialized wagons that ride on a narrow gauge track system (M-TRAK). Finished products including headstones, shingles, columns, and stone work are shipped directly via rail car or to another loading point via the narrow gauge railway. M-TRAK and the scenic details shown are available as part of our “Making-A-Scene” product line. The laser-cut stone and shingle pieces featured in this kit are created from our “Model Builder’s Supply Line” styrene building sheets which are available separately. N Scale model measures approximately 14″L x 6″W x 3″H.
Part # NSA-10016
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N Scale Architect Gruber Wagon Works Kit
This kit represents the Gruber Wagon Works as it was in 1904 at which point the power source for it’s internal pulley system was a Otto gasoline engine.
Though this Gruber Wagon Works kit does include a dock and ramps for loading wagons onto railcars, the prototype was never served by a railroad.
This kit includes an option for excluding this loading dock and includes longer ramps for lowering wagons from the second floor paint shop (the final stage of the production process) back down to ground level.
In case you were wondering… the paint shop is on the second floor because of the dust from the adjacent dirt road !
Should you wish to add buggies, wagons, carriages and other details to your completed model, please visit the Detail Parts and Shire Scenes sections of this web site to see dozens of detailing and vehicle items.
Finished model measures: 7¼”L x 6″W x 2¾”H.
Part # NSA-10017
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NSA-10018N Scale Architect X-Cel Feed Kit
X-Cel purchased the mill in 1965 and converted it to a feed only plant that is still served by rail and bulk trucks today. Though this kit is based on a specific prototype, its design is typical of large feed mill complexes that still stand across the United States. All of the individual structures included in this kit are fully supported and most can be placed in virtually any location to accommodate the space available on your layout or module. The elevator towers can also be positioned to suit the modelers preferences using the nearly four(4) feet of piping included in this kit. The sacks, sack stacks, barrels, barrel clusters, hand carts and figures shown on the label are available separately as part of our Making A Scene detail parts line. Finished model measures: 16″L x 8″W x 6″H.
Part # NSA-10018
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NSA-10024N Scale Architect Conway Roundhouse Kit
The ‘Conway Roundhouse’ kit was inspired by the roundhouse still in use by the Conway Scenic Railroad in North Conway, New Hampshire. This structure has been expanded and extended over the years into its current four stall version that provides one 7″ length stall and three 5″ length stalls. The longest stall will house a Mikado with tender, F-Units or E-Units and the other three stalls will hold yard and road switching locomotives such a S1s, RS11s, RS2/3s, and SW9/1200s.
The kit instructions include plans for track placement inside and outside of the round house using approximately one piece of 30″ flex track (code 80 or less is recommended). This round house can be used with turntables with 5.5″ to 10.375″ diameters including those from Kato, Walthers, Heljan, Peco, Atlas, and Bachmann. This laser-cut micro-plywood kit features step-by-step instructions which include scale drawings and assembly photos. The finished model measures 7-3/4″ W x 7″ D x 2″ H. The track center lines shown on the floor plan are based on a 10.375″ (130 Scale Feet) diameter turntable and can be adjusted to suit smaller diameter turntables by modifying the track angle or the roundhouse orientation.
Part # NSA-10024
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NSA-10028N Scale Architect Loco Sand Facility w/hopper Kit
This kit is the first in our new “Trackside Series”. This series of kits feature easy-to-build laser-cut structures, repurposed rolling stock from major manufacturers, custom detail parts and prototypical decal sheets and full-color sign options. This Locomotive Sanding Facility kit provides an essential service for your steam or diesel locomotives from the 1940’s to the current era of yard operations. It includes a PS-2 covered hopper (with trucks & couplers) in various road names for sand storage, a decal sheet with prototypical sand service markings, a two-track sanding tower with piping & valves and a laser-cut sand drying house kit. Based on the standard configuration shown, the completed model measures approximately 7.5″ long x 2.5″ wide (including piping & covered hopper).
Part # NSA-10028
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NSA-10029N Scale Architect Baggage Car Diner Kit
This “Baggage Car Diner” kit includes a re-purposed PS 72′ baggage car (with trucks & couplers) as a kitchen which is attached to a laser-cut diner kit. This kit features multiple full-color sign options, custom roof details, and full-color window glazing laser printed with the modeler’s choice of interior diner scenes or mirrored glass. Based on the configuration shown, the completed model measures approximately 5.5″ long x 2.5″ wide (including baggage car).
Part # NSA-10029
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NSA-10030N Scale Architect Gravel and Coal Company Kit
This kit is the third in our new “Trackside Series” which feature easy-to-build laser-cut structures, re-purposed rolling stock from major manufacturers, custom detail parts, prototypical decal sheets and full-color sign options. This “Gravel & Coal Company” kit includes a re-purposed 90 Ton Hopper body, laser-cut roof cover, wooden supports & conveyor, multiple full-color sign options, corrugated aluminum roofing and custom detail parts. Based on the configuration shown, the completed model measures approximately
3.25″W x 2.50″D
Part # NSA-10030
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NSA-10031N Scale Architect Diesel Fueling Depot Kit
This kit is the fourth in our new “Trackside Series” which feature easy-to-build laser-cut structures, repurposed rolling stock from major manufacturers, custom detail parts, prototypical decal sheets and full-color sign options. This “Diesel Fueling Depot” kit includes a repurposed 11K Gallon Tank Car body, pump house, concrete supports, two(2) fueling cranes, anchor blocks and over two(2) real feet of piping. Based on the configuration shown, the completed model measures approximately 10.50″L x 3.00″W.
Part # NSA-10031
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N Scale Architect Elkton Creek Smelter Kit
At it’s peak Elkton had over 3,000 residents and was served by three railroads, the Florence & Cripple Creek, the Midland Terminal and the Colorado Springs & Cripple Creek as well as an electric street car line.
Today, remnants of this once bustling town can still be found just north of Victor, Colorado.
The completed display measures approximately 13¼”L x 8″W x 5½”H.
MTRAK Nn30 track system and vehicles as well as the other scenic detail parts shown are available separately.
Part # NSA-10040
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N Scale Architect Flat Car Bridge Kit
This kit is the ninth in our TRACKSIDE SERIES which feature easy-to-build laser-cut structures, re-purposed rolling stock from major manufacturers and custom detail parts.
This “Flat Car Bridge” kit includes a re-purposed flatcar body and photo-etched railings along with laser-cut concrete abutments, wooden trestle supports and tread options to support rail or vehicular traffic.
The completed model shown measures approximately 5.75″L x 1.00″W x 1.50H”.
Vehicles, trains and track not included.
Part # NSA-10041
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N Scale Architect Pattersons Pickle & Brine Kit
This kit features a laser-cut micro-plywood support system overlain with laser-cut self-stick
stonework pieces created from our Model Builder’s Supply “Random Cut Stone” (#50047) building sheets.
Over five(5) dozen windows, doors and resin castings are also included with this kit as well as a
full-color sign sheet which features some of the most popular pickle brands.
As with all of our kits, these high quality materials are complimented by our step-by-step instructions,
a full set of scale drawings and in-progress photos.
The finished model measures approximately 8″L x 9″W x 4½”H.
Part # NSA-10043
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N Scale Architect Pattersons Pickle Vat Extension Kit
Paired with the Pattersons Pickle & Brine Kit (#10043), this modular expansion kit allows you to support
infinitely larger pickling operations.
Each kit provides nine(9) pickle vat resin castings with laser-cut wooden lids,
a service deck, frame supports and stairway.
As with all of our kits, these high quality materials are complimented by our step-by-step instructions,
a full set of scale drawings and in-progress photos.
The finished model covers an area of approximately 3¼” x 3″.
Part # NSA-10044
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N Scale Architect Lines West Station Kit
This ‘Lines West Station’ kit is based on a standard design used by the Big Four, LE&W, NYCS and Nickel Plate railroads at dozens of locations in Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana, Ohio and Michigan.
It was designed from prototype drawings and historical photographs of the station that still stands in Lafayette, Indiana.
Our thanks to Ralph Schiring and the New York Central System Historical Society for their assistance with this project !
Each kit features laser-engraved limestone stonework, self-stick brick & limestone accents, single piece self-stick roofing material and a micro-plywood support system (no stripwood needed !).
The finished N-Scale kit measures 9¾”L x 3½”W x 2½”H.
Part # NSA-10049
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N Scale Architect Roadside Eats Kit
This “Roadside Eats” kit includes a BBQ Smoker casting, a Food Trailer casting, two(2) Photo-Etched Picnic Tables & Umbrellas Kits,
10″ of Photo-Etched Picket Fence & Gates and Full-Color Sign Sheet. Additional ‘Picnic Tables & Umbrellas’ Kits
and Picket Fence (#61049 or #61056) are available separately.
Part # NSA-10050
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N Scale Architect Flag Stop Station Kit
This “Flag Stop Station” kit is the fourteenth in our TRACKSIDE SERIES which feature easy-to-build laser-cut kits,
re-purposed rolling stock and custom detail parts.
It includes a laser-cut Platform, Canopy & Privy, Re-Purposed Overton, Coach Body, Roof Details, Glazing Sheet and Corrugated Roofing.
The finished model as shown measures 4.75″l x 2.00″w x 1.50″h. Look for other upcoming kits in this “Flag Stop” theme !
Part # NSA-10051
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N Scale Architect C&H Brick & Block Company Kit
From clay bank to finished bricks, blocks & tiles, the all new ‘C & H Brick & Block Company’ covers all major aspects of a modern brick making operation.
It is a major industry for any layout or module consisting of a Drying-Setting Shed, Mixing-Molding (Pug) Mill, Loading Docks, Material Distribution Plant and five(5) newly mastered BeeHive Kilns with Chimneys.
This micro-plywood kit includes hundreds of laser-cut parts, an internal support system, glazing sheet, multiple roofing options and nearly 200 windows, doors & detail parts.
As with all of our kits, these high quality materials are complemented by our step-by-step instructions, in-progress photos and a full set of scale drawings.
The completed display shown measures approximately 22″L x 10″W x 4″H and features our exclusive M-TRAK Nn30 industrial railway system, Nn30 railway vehicles and numerous new scenic details (Items#20106 thru #20119) which are available separately.
Part # NSA-10054
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N Scale Architect Grover Cleveland Mine Kit
The Grover Cleveland Mine is a composite of several small mining operations dating from the 1930’s to the 1960’s.
These mines varied in the minerals that they produced ranging from coal to precious metals.
The Head Frame allows ore to be pulled up from the mine shaft using a steam engine located in the Hoist House.
This ore is then pushed in a Mine Car by men or pulled by horses on a mine track via the Shaft House to the Gantry.
At the base of the Gantry, the Mine Car is hooked to a cable and then pulled up to the load-out area where it is dumped into a hopper car that will be taken to the local processing mill.
Waste rock is routed over another mine track and dumped into a tailings or culm pile.
Standard Configuration measures 1¾”x 8¾” and Optional Configuration measures 5½”x 5″. Includes all figures & vehicles shown.
Part # NSA-10204
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NSA-10404N Scale Architect Andrew’s Auto & Gas Kit
(3” x 3” Footprint)
Typical of roadside garages found along American highways from the 1930s to the present. Includes a variety of signs from different eras and plenty of castings to add junk to the scene.
Part # NSA-10404
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N Scale Architect Sheffield Farms Creamery Kit
Sheffield Farms Creamery features:
Completely redesigned with larger overall footprint, interior support system, and upgraded roofing
Laser-cut wood fiber board and micro-plywood kit
Peel-and-stick laser-cut slate roofing and stone work
Illustrated step-by-step instructions
Measures 8¾” x 4¼” x 3¾”
Vehicles and scenic details shown sold separately
Part # NSA-10059
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NSA-10503N Scale Architect Rode-A-Way Transfer Co. Kit
(4 1/2” x 7” Footprint)
Ideal as a trackside freight house, road-to-rail transfer or trailer-to-trailer reload facility, this kit has lots of versatility and is based on a prototype built in the 1950s. Two rail loading platforms are included that can be placed as needed alongside the structure, or use the modern “rubber bumpers” that are provided for a modern truck terminal.
Part # NSA-10503
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NSA-10504N Scale Architect Lackawanna Coal Co. Kit
(10 x 11 x 6-1/2″ Footprint)
The prototypes that inspired this kit were located in the anthracite coal region of Northeastern Pennsylvania. In these immense structures know as “breakers” or “collieries,” anthracite was washed & broken into sizes usable for home heating & industrial processes. Breakers of the size and type represented by this kit were typically built in the 1930s to consolidate several smaller, older processing plants and many were still operational into the 1970s. At their peak, there were hundreds in operation and the several thousand employees that worked in them could process as much as 12,500 tons of coal in a single day. Coal was brought to the breakers for processing from the surrounding mines via extensive railroad lines and conveyors that could literally stretch for miles.
Part # NSA-10504
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NSA-10603N Scale Architect Quality Meat Packers Kit
(12” X 5” X 5” Footprint)
A superb trackside industry for any era, this kit includes window glazing with mullion detail, and numerous custom castings, including the large brick chimney and feeding troughs.
Part # NSA-10603
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NSA-10702N Scale Architect Shue Cement Co. Kit
( 5” X 7 1/2” Footprint)
No matter what they make, this is a great industry for any town along your layout. Model can be built as a freestanding building, or as a partial structure for use along your scenic backdrop.
Part # NSA-10702
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NSA-10703N Scale Architect Quality Meat Stock Yard
(10” x 5” Footprint)
Everything you need to model a modern stockyard. Includes hay barns, shelters, unloading chutes, holding pens and feed troughs. Includes positionable gates and modular construction allows several kits to be combined. (Cows and additional details are available separately.)
Part # NSA-10703
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NSA-10902N Scale Architect Eagle River Mine Kit
( 8” X 3 1/2” Footprint)
No matter what they make, this is a great industry for any town along your layout. Model can be built as a freestanding building, or as a partial structure for use along your scenic backdrop.
Part # NSA-10902
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