Scenic Plasters and Wraps

‘GYPSOLITE’ is a long ‘working time’ compound with PearLite that gives a natural fine earthy texture for quick and easy blending of rock castings and large terrain coverage. Mix to any consistency: THICK for sculpting terrain contours. MEDIUM for adhering rock castings and blending. THIN for brush applications for added ‘gritty’ textures.
Part # EX0050
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EX0060PlasterWrap (10 sq. ft. Roll)
8″ Wide by 15 feet long, PlasterWrap is fast becoming the preferred method for super lightweight shell construction. Simply cut and dip in water…3 minutes later you have your mountain shell. It’s that easy! An excellent cover over foam foundation or wire mesh.
PlasterWrap is made of superior heavy gauze fabric giving it greater strength and ease of handling than most ‘craft-grade’ plaster cloths.
Part # EX0060
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