Woodland Scenics Learning Kits

Learning-kitsLEARNING KITS
Learning Kits are valuable terrain, landscaping and detailing lessons in a small box. Modelers, who are just starting out, will learn to create scenery the Woodland Scenics way, without spending a lot for the experience. Start with any kit. Woodland Scenics landscaping products are easily assembled with craftsman-quality results by anyone. Purchase the Scenery Manual for additional information on how to use the Landscaping System.



WOO-LK951Rock Faces Learning Kit
Rock Faces Learning Kit teaches modelers to make, install and color realistic rock formations. This Learning Kit includes a rock mold, Lightweight Hydrocal, Plaster Cloth and Pigments to color the rocks with fully-illustrated instructions.
Part # WOO-LK951
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WOO-LK952Road System Learning Kit
Road System Learning Kit teaches modelers how to easily add roads and other paved areas to any layout. This Learning Kit includes enough Smooth-It, Paving Tape and Asphalt Top Coat to build a road approximately 3″w x 4’l.
Part # WOO-LK952
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Trees Learning Kit
Trees Learning Kit teaches modelers how easy it is to make and add trees to their layout. The 18 trees included in kit range from 3/4″ to 8″ tall. The kit also includes Hob-e-Tac® and Clump-Foliage*.
Part # WOO-LK953
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Landscaping Learning Kit
Landscaping Learning Kit teaches modelers to blend and texture our complete line of scenery products. There are enough landscaping materials included in this kit to landscape a 2 x 2 – foot surface. Products included are Earth Undercoat, Scenic Cement, Fine Turf, Clump-Foliage* and Coarse Turf.
Part # WOO-LK954
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WOO-LK955River/Waterfall Learning Kit
Learn to create the illusion of water depth and make a river with a waterfall. Included is Earth Colors Liquid Pigments, Realistic Water, Water Effects, Talus, Plaster Cloth, Green Blend Blended Turf, Scenic Glue and an applicator.
Part # WOO-LK955
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WOO-LK956Scenery Details Learning Kit
Learn simple techniques to create detail on any layout. Included is Dead Fall, Fine Turf, Bushes, Underbrush, Fine-Leaf Foliage, Field Grass, Flowering Foliage, Poly Fiber and Scenic Glue.
Part # WOO-LK956
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