Woodland Scenics Poly Fiber, Fruits and Flowers






WOO-FP178Poly Fiber – Green (16 gr. bag)
A synthetic fiber used to create vines, undergrowth and other rambling vegetation. Apply to the sides of buildings, Tunnel Portals, light poles, billboards and along fence rows, or other places you see vines grow. Use Poly Fiber after you have added ground covers and set buildings on your layout. Great for quick and economical tree masses on your layout. Attach with Scenic Cement.
Part # WOO-FP178
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WOO-T47Fruit (Apples & Oranges)
Sprinkle Apples and Oranges on small fruit trees. Create apple and orange orchards by creating several rows of these trees in a field. Spray with Scenic Cement to affix to foliage.
Part # WOO-T47
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WOO-T48Flowers in 4 Colors (Ylw, Wht, Org, Red)
Four colors of Flowers (yellow, white, orange, red) can be sprinkled on small bushes, shrubs, vines and fields to model flowering plants. Plant in rows for gardens or en masse for flowerbeds. Spray with Scenic Cement to affix to foliage
Part # WOO-T48
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