Woodland Scenics ( Pre-Fab ) N Scale Structures


Pre-Fabs come with prebuilt walls
and basic structure with minimal assembly
and added details as well as many additional
dry transfers for customization of the kit.

Kit is un-painted and does not include
figures , foliage , or vehicles.


WOO-PF5200N Scale Fresh Market
Model the local flavor of a bustling downtown layout. The Fresh Market presents a vintage store ready to tell the story of an era steeped in culinary tradition…a family bakery, father/son butcher shop or recreate another hometown taste.
Footprint: 2 7/16″ w x 2 “d
Part # WOO-PF5200
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WOO-PF5203N Scale Sonny’s Super Service
Model the bustle of your layout’s local service station…Sonny’s Super Service is the place for full service treatment. Each morning Sonny fills the gas tanks, checks oil levels, airs tires and offers the latest weather report or newest piece of automotive advice.
Footprint: 3 1/4″ w x 3 3/16 “d
Part # WOO-PF5203
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WOO-PF5206N Scale Country Cottage
Model Grandma and Grandpa’s cozy cottage, a young family’s first home or give this vintage Victorian cottage the run-down look of an abandoned shack. This charming and versatile structure provides unlimited choices for layout placement. It is loaded with detail to help you tell the story.
Footprint: 2 1/32 w x 2 29/32 “d
Part # WOO-PF5206
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WOO-PF5207N Scale Woodland Station
All Aboard! Model the center of passenger train activity. Porters scurry about carting and loading luggage and assist passengers with boarding, while the conductor coordinates the crew’s activities and reviews schedules and switching orders. Paint this vintage and versatile train depot to match your layout scene
Footprint: 4 1/32 w x 2 15/16 “d
Part # WOO-PF5207
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WOO-PF5210N Scale JW Cobbler
The partially pre-assembled walls, positive alignment system and prefinished edges make kit assembly quick, easy and accurate. This three-story brownstone features stacked Queen Anne bay windows. The exterior brick wall is modeled with hand laid naturally aged and flawed brick and mortar bordered with etched wood fluting. Detail accessories include a storefront vertical sign, fire escapes and porch landings, window air conditioning units, chimneys, downspout and utility fixtures. Also included are window treatments, clear window material and Dry Transfer Decals.
Footprint: 1 3/16 w x 1 3/4 “d
Part # WOO-PF5210
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WOO-PF5213N Scale Windmills Kit
Build two windmills, painted to your specifications. The broken one features busted blades set on a tower of weathered wood and includes two oblong stock tanks, a hand pump and trough. The other windmill is in good repair, sets high on a tall wood tower with ladder and features a round stock tank and a hay rack.
Footprint: OLD 2 3/16 W X 1 5/16 D X 2 ¾ Tall New 2 ½ W X 1 D X 2 ¾ Tall.
Colors may vary from actual product. Vehicles, figures and landscape sold separately.
Part # WOO-PF5213
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WOO-PF5214N Scale Davenport Department Store Kit
Dress up your downtown scene with the classic Victorian architecture and large first-floor picture windows of the Corner Department Store. Details include mannequins, full roof detail, wrought-iron balconies and fire escape, signage, awnings, light fixtures, Dry Transfer Decals, window treatments and more!
Footprint: 2 3/4w X 2 1/16 D X 3 ¾ Tall.
Colors may vary from actual product. Vehicles, figures and landscape sold separately.
Part # WOO-PF5214
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