Woodland Scenics Tools and Supplies

WOO-C1185Woodland Scenics Rock Carving Set
Use the Easy Rock Carving Tools with Carving Plaster to carve custom rock formations. The Strata tool helps you carve and shape large areas fast to model strata, blasted rock and other weathered and eroded outcrops. Use the Carving Tool Chisel to carve gouges and cavities, and use the Pick to carve grooves, fine-line abrasions and striation markings. The Duster helps keep your carving area free from debris. 3 piece set
Part # WOO-C1185
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WOO-1187Woodland Scenics Plaster Mixing Set
3 piece set
Part # WOO-C1187
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WOO-200Woodland Scenics Gentle Grip Tweezers
Long reach, curved ends and protective tips, make these perfect for detail placement
Part # WOO-200
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WOO-ST1433Woodland Scenic Foam Knife
The Foam Knife comes with a 2″ replaceable blade that is ideal for cutting thick pieces of foam.
Part # WOO-ST1433
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WOO-ST1434Woodland Scenic Foam Knife Blades
Four replacement blades for the Woodland Scenics Foam Knife. 2″ long.
Part # WOO-ST1434
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WOO-ST1432Woodland Scenic 2 inch Foam Nails
Use Foam Nails to temporarily pin track, foam or other products to your layout.
75/pkg – 2 in ea
Part # WOO-ST1432
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WOO-ST1435Woodland Scenic Hot Wire Foam Cutter
The Hot Wire Foam Cutter makes clean, precise cuts, adjusts for angled cuts and cuts a path 4.5 inches wide by 5.5 inches deep. It heats instantly and leaves no mess. Use only special nichrome replacement wire. We recommend using the Foam Cutter on SubTerrain white foam only to avoid the emission of toxic fumes.
110v – Input: 120VAC and Output: 9VAC, 1300mA.
Part # WOO-ST1435
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WOO-ST1436Woodland Scenic Hot Wire Replacement Wire
Special nichrome wire retains an even temperature needed to cut SubTerrain® foam products. Use only with the Hot Wire Foam Cutter.
length – 48 in
gauge – 30 or 0.010 diameter
Part # WOO-ST1436
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WOO-ST1445Woodland Scenic Low Melt Foam Gun
The Glue Gun, with Low Temp Foam Glue Sticks, operates at a temperature that will not damage foam and it bonds instantly. Bonds to foam, wood, paper, foil and many other craft materials. Two glue sticks are included. 110v
Use only Woodland Scenics Low Temp Foam Glue Sticks (ST1446)
Part # WOO-ST1445
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WOO-ST1446Woodland Scenic Low Temp Foam Glue Sticks
Use with Low Temp Foam Glue Gun. Bonds to foam, wood, paper, foil and many other craft materials. 10″ x 3.4″ – 10/pkg
Part # WOO-ST1446
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