X-Acto Knifes and Tools

X-75170X-Acto Extra Hands Double Clip and Magnifier
X-ACTO alligator clamp holds work firmly in any position. Leaves hands free for soldering, gluing, and positioning. Flexible and accurate, great for model-making, crafts, hobbies. Magnifier helps with those small parts.
Part # X-75170
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X-73610X-Acto Needle File Set
X-ACTO needle files are perfect for shaping and smoothing of models, miniatures, and jewelry. Easily files wood, plastic, and metal. Includes quick change wooden handle with one each: round, knife, equaling, square, 3-square, and half round files
Part # X-73610
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X-211X-Acto #11 Blades
X-ACTO # 11 Blades 5 pack
Part # X-211
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X-216X-Acto #16 Blades
X-ACTO # 16 Blades 5 pack
Part # X-216
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X-222X-Acto #22 Blades
X-ACTO # 22 Blades 5 pack
Part # X-222
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EXL-44289Excel Deluxe Railroad Tool Set
Deluxe Railroad Hobby Tool Set. Quality tool set for model railroad building and repair. Includes K1 Light Duty Knife, K5 Heavy Duty Knife, Snap Knife, Pliers, Miter box, Pin Vise, 6 inch metal ruler, B490 Saw Blade, Sanding Stick, Swiss Hammer, Phillips Screwdriver, Regular Screwdriver, 2 Assorted Files, 3 Assorted drills, and 3 Assorted blades.
Part # EXL-44289
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