ZONA knifes and tools

zna-39-800ZONA Retractable Razor Knife
Made from durable high impact polycarbonate. Retracting feature allows for one-handed operation. Safer to use and carry. Ideal for art, craft, and model use in the office, home, school and studio.
Set consists of knife with No. 10A blade in handle and 3 additional surgical quality blades: one each of Nos. 10A, 10, 15A. Blades are made from high quality surgical stainless steel and are ultra-sharp, rust proof and long lasting. (Blades are not sterile.)
Part # ZNA-39-800
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zna-39-910ZONA Soft Grip Knife
Light duty knife with anti-roll design and “soft grip” handle for extra comfort and control. Rear blade release holds blades securely. Plastic safety cap covers and protects blades. Ideal for cutting wood, paper, plastic film, balsa, vinyl, foamboard and rubber.
Set consists of knife with No. 11 blade in handle and four additional hobby blades: one each of Nos. 10, 11, 16, 33.
Part # ZNA-39-910
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ZNA-35130ZONA 4 in 1 Saw Set

Versatile set includes three popular interchangeable blades . Blades attach using wing nut and screw.
Part # ZNA-35-130
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ZNA-37-433ZONA 3×3 Inch Triangle Square
Made in the USA of .022″ thick stainless steel.
Millimeters on the back.
Part # ZNA-37-433
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zna-37-434ZONA 3×4” L Square
Made in the USA of .022″ thick stainless steel.
Part # ZNA-37-434
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zna-37-542ZONA Fine Point Tweezer
Nickel chrome finish.
Part # ZNA-37-542
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