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N Scale trains are our business at Fifer Hobby Supply . We sell top n scale products by many of the leading n scale model train manufactures including: Atlas Trains, Digitrax DCC, Kato Locomotives, MRC DCC, Peco, Classic Metal Works, NCE DCC, Tortoise Switch Machines, Bar Mills and tools from Zona and Xuron

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Micro-Trains Railbox 8-packs

Micro-Trains Railbox 8-packs

50’ Rib Side Box Car with Plug & Sliding Door Item Number: 993 00 816 MSRP - $239.95 Orders Due By May 31, 2018 Order Now [si-contact-form...

Micro-Trains Southern Pacific Impact Car

Micro-Trains Southern Pacific Impact Car

Southern Pacific® coverted this 50’ box car with plexi-glass on one side and standard solid steel on the other. It became known as the ‘Impact’ car used for freight protection instruction - switchmen and trainmen oberved the effect of coupling...

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ACTRR 3 Update #18

ACTRR 3 Update #20

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