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These pages are assembled to help model railroaders learn techniques used by many to help you get started and become an even better modeler.
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How To :


How to store and organize Paints Video

JC’s Riptrack Model Railroad for Beginners – From Loop to Layout – Adding Interest & Industry Video Link

How to Make Holes in Thick Foam Video

How to install recessed Push buttons on your N Scale Layout Video

How to Build a Model Railroad Locomotive Cradle Video

How to Clean Track, Loco and Car Wheels Video

How I built a Helix Video

One mans way to wire a layout Video

How to Build a Control Panel Video

How to solder Video

How to Make Backdrops for Model Trains Video

How to Take Your N Scale Trains To Work

How to remove a locomotive body shell Video

Paint my tweezers?

Work on a Light Box

Small Parts? How about a Jewelers Bib

Rod Drilling Jig

Track :

How to wire Automatic turnout control to a Reverse Loop

How to Wire a KATO Turnout Switch using a Toggle by DJ’s Trains Video

How to make your Kato Turnouts operate smoothly Video

How to modify Kato #4 Turnouts Video

How to Tape the top of Woodland Scenics Risers Video

How To re-use Kato Unitrack Video

How to make a Better Unijoiner Removal Tool Video

Kato Video on the new Sound Box

How to run your layout on DC or DCC Video

How to make N Scale Kato Unitrack Flex Track Video

How to install a Remote mount Tortoise switch machine Video

How I clean track Video

Digitrax DCC Condensed Primer

Parts for a Kato Unitrack WYE

How to make Kato Turnout Controls

How to make your own lengths of Kato Unitrack

How to make an Atlas Code 55 Double Crossover

How to make your own Kato Unitrack Feeder Joiners

How To Ballast Your Track

How To Make Kato Unitrack Curves Using Multiple Sizes

Structures :

How To Americanize an N Scale Kato Roundhouse Video

How To Kit-Bash an N-Scale Sand House and Sand Tower

How To Kit-Bash an N-Scale Coaling Tower

How to Build J L Innovative Design’s McSoreley Old Ale House

How To Build Downtown Deco’s Patterson’s Hardware

How To Build BranchLine Company Houses

How To Build a DPM Corner Apothecary

How To Build the N Scale Architects’ Long Valley Lumber

How To Build a Blair Line PizzaLand

How To Build a Northeastern Scale Models Box Factory Kit

How To Build a Northeastern Scale Models First National Bank & Trust Co

How To Build a Northeastern Scale Models House Under Construction Kit

How To Build a Downtown Deco Addams Ave. Part 1 Kit

How To Build a Bar Mills Saulena’s Tavern

How to build a Bar Mills Whistlestop Junction kit

How to build a Walthers Al’s Victory Service

How to build a Walthers Windmill

How to build a Northeastern Scale Models Freight Depot

How to build a American Model Builders Company Houses

How to build a Bar Mills Shack Pack

How to build a Cornerstone Clarkesville Depot


N Scale How To Pour A Lake Video

How to Hang and Blend Backdrops Video

How to Hot Cut Foam Video

How to make Clouds Video

How to make Tunnel Portals Video

How to make Timberline Smashed Trees Video

How to use a static grass applicator Video

How to make YUCCAS Video

Adding “EYE APPEAL” to Mass Produced Evergreen Trees

How To Build Rivers and Lakes

How To Build Racks for Classic Metal Works Trucks

How To Build Coal Loads

How To Modify Woodland Scenics Tunnel Liner to N Scale


How To Remove Your Diesel Locomotive Shell Video

How to lubricate N Scale locomotives Video

How to install a TCS decoder in an N Scale Kato GG1 Video

How to install a SDN144KOA Digitrax Decoder Into A Kato P42 Locomotive Video

N Scale Coupler Evaluation MUST SEE

How to install a Digitrax Sound Decoder into a Kato Gevo

How to install Micro-Trains couplers on a Kato NW2 Video

How to install a Digitrax DN163K0E in a Kato E5A Video

How to detail Kato’s F units

How to install a Digitrax decoder in an Athearn F45 or FP45

How to install a decoder in a Kato F unit

How to install a TCS Z2 decoder in the new Lifelike N Scale GP 20

DCC Installation for the Intermountain N Scale SD40-2W

How to make a Canvas Curtain for a Steam Locomotive

How to install a Mars light in a decoder equipped Kato F7

How to install a TCS CN Decoder in Atlas RS1 Classic

Rolling Stock:

N scale truck & couplers 101 for new model railroaders Video

How To Install a TCS Z2 decoder into an N Scale Tomix Track Cleaner Video

How to build a coupler transition car Video

How to install an Evans Designs Fred in a Kato Coalporter Video

How to install Micro-Trains Trucks on Kato Hoppers and other Cars

How To Install an Easy-Peasy Light board in a Micro-Trains Heavyweight