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MR-10002VHS Building Your First Model Railroad
VHS Building Your First Model Railroad 60 minutes with Michael Gross
Part # MR-10002
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MR-10003DVD Building Your First Model Railroad
DVD Building Your First Model Railroad 60 minutes with Michael Gross
Part # MR-10003
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LAB-951DVD Labelle How to Lube Trains
DVD on how to properly lubricate all types of hobby related equipment
Part # LAB-951
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TS-DVD-01DVD Rocks and Basic Scenery Made Easy
Dave Frary will show you the tools and techniques needed to build rocks on your model railroad. This video tape is chock-full of easy step-by-step methods for adding realistic rocks to your layout. Dave shows you how to install the rock castings, color them, and then add details to blend them into the surrounding scenery.
Build a lightweight scenic support. Use Rigid Wrap to cover the scenic base. Cast rocks in rubber molds. Apply the rock castings. Use lightweight Gypsolite for scenic texture. Paint the rocks, a revised guide using his water-soluble methods. Detail around the rocks with foam putty
This is a 50 minute DVD
Part # TS-DVD-01
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TS-DVD-02DVD Finishing Your Scenery
This tape continues where Rocks and Basic Scenery leaves off.
Dave Frary will show you how to:
Make your own dirt and texture.
Build tar and dirt roads.
Make 4-types of trees.
Select and install weeds.
Add texture over texture for realistic ground cover.
Create clusters of detail.
Build water, the easy way.
Ballast and then weather the track.
How to add structures and then detail around them.
Detail the finished scene.
This is a 60 minute DVD
Part # TS-DVD-02
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TS-DVD-03DVD Painting Model Structures
An introduction to painting all types of model structures.
Dave Frary demonstrate brush painting, airbrushing, and how to use a spray can.
Topics covered:
Mixing, thinning and caring for your paint
Different types of brushes – how to use and care for them
Brush painting wood, plaster and plastic models
Simple weathering
Using spray cans to paint structures
Masking models for airbrushing
All about airbrushing
Caring for the airbrush
Painting safety and much more!
This is a 60 minute DVD
Part # TS-DVD-03
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TS-DVD-04DVD Easy Weathering Techniques
Dave Frary and Bob Hayden present their easy to learn techniques. You’ll see how they weather rolling stock, motive power, structures and track. All the techniques are presented as easy steps so you can master the art of adding dirt, water streaks, rust, and more, to your models.
Topics covered:
Making and using dry pastel powders
Mixing and using an alcohol wash
Mixing and using an oil stain
Dry brushing
Snake oils
Duplicating the prototype
Airbrush weathering
Weathering flextrack and much more!
This is a 60 minute DVD
Part # TS-DVD-04
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In this video, Bob Hayden and Dave Frary will show you how easy it is to create beautiful, realistic looking water on your layout or diorama. The easy techniques we show you include building ponds, streams, rivers, harbors, and even waterfalls.
This is a 65 minute DVD
Part # TS-DVD-05
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Hal Reynolds and Dave Frary will show you all their techniques for making simple casting masters and making molds of them using 3 types of Micro Mark’s silicone molding rubber. We’ll show you how to mix and pour different types of casting resin to get perfect results every time. Also included is a brief section about painting and finishing your castings.
This is a 60 minute DVD
Part # TS-DVD-06
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TS-DVD-07DVD Easy Scenery From Start To Finish
Scenery expert Dave Frary shows you how to make scenery from bare benchwork to finished foliage…all in one 103 minute DVD. You’ll see how he ballasts track, constructs landforms, carves and casts rocks, adds coloring and vegetation. Dave goes on to complete the scene by making trees and adding water effects. The techniques are so easy to learn, you’ll become an expert in no time.
This is a 103 minute DVD
Part # TS-DVD-08
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