What’s New


   New Peco code 55 Unifrog Turnouts


   Broadway Limited SD40-2


   New Kato City of Los Angeles


   New Atlas Sound GP39-2


   New Atlas NE-6 Caboose



 New Woodland Scenics Built-up Water Tower


New Sept. Micro-Trains Cars



  ESU Sound Drop-in upgrade decoder




  They are back !!!!!!!


   New GFP Weathered Cars


             New August Micro-Trains Weathered Cars


               RS Laser Steve’s Speed Shop


              Bluford Shops Fall Cornfield


                 New Kato Re-railer Track


  New Kato E9’s


  New Atlas 60ft Flats



  New Atlas Wood Reefers


  New Atlas SD35’s


 New Atlas C630’s


      New Micro-Trains Runner Packs



  New Atlas 69ft BX-177 Boxcars


   New Atlas 11,000 gal Tank Cars


     New Kato SD70Mac’s


                  Kato Containers are back


    New Broadway Limited AC6000CW


   New InterMountain Boxcars


  New InterMountain Flatcars


                                               Soon in Createfx Paint Pens

  New Bluford Shops Hopper sets


   New RS Laser Kits


  New Downtown Deco Buildings


  New Classic Metal Works Trucks


 New Bachmann Dash 8-40CW


  New Bachmann 2-8-0



  Atlas 55 Ton Hoppers Next Week


  New Broadway Limited E6 7 8 9’s Next Week

   New Woodland Scenics Just Plug Items


  New Broadway Limited F3’s



   New RSLaser Kits


         New Kato Open Pit Track



   New Wheels Of Time PC&F Insulated Boxcars


  New FVM B&O Wagon Top Caboose

  New Rail Scale Models Laser Kits


  Gruber Wagon Works


   New Micro-Trains SW1500


   BLI Rolling Thunder for N Scale


         New Kato Small Track set B


  New Squadron Grey Putty



 New Atlas Pickups


    New ModelTech Bigfoot


   New Old West Scenery Structures


  New Digitrax BXPA1 Reverser


             Organ Mountain Models Ghost town Buildings Back In Stock

             New! Organ Mountain Models Yuccas

             New Organ Mountain Models SP Call Booths

                          FHS Custom made Data Cables for DCC

      We Have Gift Certificates Available