What’s New

Here’s Whats New In N Scale


      New Bluford Shops Hoppers


        New N Scale Architect Flat Car Bridge Kit


             New Miller Engineering Sign



         New Randy Brown Fire Station Kit


           New April Micro-Trains Cars



              New April Micro-Trains Weathered Cars


         New Blair-Line Loading Dock


                    Rix Pick Uncoupling Tool


                                      New Lunde Studios Temple Towers



           New Micro-Trains Runner Pack


            Kato GS4


             Kato SP Daylight 10 Car Set


             Kato NS CoalPorters


             Kato Starter Set


              New Kato ES44Ac


             New Atlas 20,700 gallon Tank Cars


            InterMountain Tank Cars



  New Walthers Prairie CO-OP Elevator


                                             Kato Compact Track Turnouts



   New Walthers Well Car Five Unit Set


 New Woodland Scenics H&H Feed


 New Kato ES44AC’s



  New Kato Coalporters


               New Chooch Cobblestone


                                              New Kato Ash Pit Track


                                              New Kato Turntable Extension Cable


    New NCE Circuit Protector



          New Atlas Containers



                                                  New Woodland Scenics Water System



              New Walthers Engine House

             Broadway Limited Thunder and Lightning

             New Woodland Built-ups

             New Digitrax DCC Systems

             Organ Mountain Models Ghost town Buildings Back In Stock

             New! Organ Mountain Models Yuccas

             New Organ Mountain Models SP Call Booths

                          FHS Custom made Data Cables for DCC

      We Have Gift Certificates Available