What’s New

  New Traffic Light Controller and Led’s


              New Tichy Signal Towers


   New Fox Valley ES44AC


   New NSA Elkton Creek Smelter Kit


    Kato Re-Release Cal Zephyr


        New Broadway Limited AC6000


      New September Micro-Trains Cars


              New Micro-Trains Runner Pack


             New August Micro-Trains Weathered Cars

       New Woodland Scenics Grillin’ and Chillin’ Trailer


  New Model Tech Details


  New CSX Kato Locomotives


    New Bar Mills Structures


     New Miller Engineering signs


  Atlas S2 Locomotives


   New Atlas Hoppers


  New Atlas Boxcars


  New Atlas Beer Car Tank Cars


      Tichy Sugar Beet Gondolas


  New Digitrax PS615 6 Amp Power Supply


     New Micro-Trains Metal Wheels



   New Bluford Shops War Emergency Hoppers



    New RSLaser Pool Hall Kit


      New Classic Metal Works Trucks


   N Scale Architect Mine Track Back in stock


       New Atlas GP-9’s


     New Atlas Crude Oil Tanks


        New Kato SD70M



             New Kato Volvo Trucks


  New Atlas Evans Gondolas


  New Kato Crossing Signal


             Organ Mountain Models Ghost town Buildings Back In Stock

             New! Organ Mountain Models Yuccas

             New Organ Mountain Models SP Call Booths

                          FHS Custom made Data Cables for DCC

      We Have Gift Certificates Available